About Us

Executive Excellence (EE) is a team of professionals founded by former senior members of the Australian Army. With backgrounds in the Special Air Service Regiment (SASR), Commandos, Health and Fitness, Medical Corps and Learning & Development we are committed to assisting people become significantly more effective in their personal and professional lives. We will work with you individually, or with your corporate or sporting team, no matter what the challenge, by providing the motivation, discipline and attitude needed to achieve your specific objectives and goals.

Many of our clients tell us that their whole attitude to life in general, changes as a result of undertaking our programs. Put simply, many clients believe our programs help them live their lives as active participants, rather than as casual observers.

In the context of adventure trekking, I doubt there has ever been or will ever be a more thoroughly professional organisation than EE. In a wild and unforgiving environment like the Kokoda Track, there is no room for half measures and in all of the planning, preparation and training, no stone was left unturned by EE in its endeavour to ensure participant safety, preparedness and enjoyment.

Michael Gibson, Associate Director, Macquarie Bank Ltd, ANZAC Kokoda



john_milesJohn has been actively involved in training both during his time with the Australian Defence Force (21 years of service) where he held the position of Senior Instructor at the Defence Force Physical Training School and then over the last 14 years as Managing Director and head trainer for Executive Excellence’s adventure trekking and fitness arms. During his time with Defence John re-engineered conduct of Physical Training courses for the Defence Force resulting in courses being offered nationwide on a mobile basis, an increase in members trained and courses conducted by 100% and safety and risk issues being dramatically decreased.

As a result of his service John received a commendation award personally from the Major General responsible for Training in Defence, was afforded the highest recognition from a Naval Commander and was nominated for the Order of Australia Medal. John has overseen preparation and training of over 3000 clients undertaking adventure trips with EE and has trained numerous trek leaders and medics. His expertise in the development of quality approaches to training and assessment, and positive relationships with other enterprises across Australia are well known in the adventure industry. His background experience includes over thirty years in the training industry.

Additionally, John has spent the last 14 years building a highly reputable company who have dealings with Australia’s top Corporate Business Men and Women, ex Prime Ministers, Politicians, Elite sporting teams and the General Public. They pride themselves on professionalism, honesty, integrity and loyalty.

Presently, John has been asked to assist a special project overseas in a senior role therefore the normal calendar of events has been reduced until his return. (see calendar of events) John continues to deliver advice upon request via email correspondence.



Cass has worked in accounting and customer service roles for over 30 years and brings to EE a passionate willingness to assist clients, staff and our dedicated EE contractors and suppliers as much as possible. It’s all about making the individual’s feel their task easier and creating and building relationships.

Cass plays an integral role whilst treks are active, keeping daily processes back in the office running smoothly as well as being the Rear Link contact for the Trek Leaders which is an essential part of Executive Excellence’s risk management.

Upon joining EE in 2008, Cass had already worked for EE in a supporting role since John began the business in 2000. Providing the ‘extra hand’ to ensure an event went smoothly and was successful. Being John’s wife has enabled Cass to develop the same passion John has for the business and for their clients, it’s what makes EE stand out from the rest – not one person is treated any differently to another – every client is important no matter who they are.