Kids of Kokoda

SAVE THE DATE:         18 MARCH 2016

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During each Kokoda trek, Executive Excellence distributes a range of medical, educational and clothing supplies to the villages. This is funded by our previous trekkers of Kokoda with money raised at our annual Kids of Kokoda Reunion Lunch and through generous donations from the community. EE Kids of Kokoda continues to conduct makeshift clinics as part of their trekking activities, including treatment of locals in the village environment, evacuation of ill and injured locals by med-evac to Port Moresby.

We have come a long way since the creation of the idea in 2008 – “Project Nauro”. This project began with the aim to protect the village of Nauro and surrounding areas from Malaria by providing every child with mosquito nets and medical assistance. This was achieved in 2009. From there we drove funds towards the project to build a Medical Aid Post at Nauro in the hope that medical assistance can be close at hand to surrounding villages often saving lives through early intervention. Final construction includes a kitchen and the medic’s quarters.

This has been an enormous undertaking particularly due to the remoteness of its location. Contributions from our past clients have assisted in completing the cost of the build. Ongoing support will be directed towards training clinics for maternity and First Aid as well as assisting special cases as they arise.

The date of the ‘Kids of Kokoda’ luncheon takes pride of place in our calendar each year. Please note that attendance at the luncheon is restricted to past Kokoda (other PNG treks) trekkers.

Please keep an eye out for more information about the Kids of Kokoda Luncheon.