The Kokoda Trek Experience

EE conducts an extensive Kokoda trekking program throughout the Papua New Guinea dry season. Treks generally leave on a Friday and return 10 days later on the second Sunday following departure. This itinerary ensures busy professionals are only out of the office for the best part of one working week. Personalised itineraries can be accommodated.

We have found that our treks are the perfect length. Any longer and you experience “Ground Hog Day” – and any shorter we believe you are being pushed too hard and no redundancy exists in the program. Remember, you are physically well prepared for our treks, our safety and success record substantiates this.

Treks travel from North to South (KokodaVillage to Ower’s Corner). This is the same way the battle unfolded as Australian Soldiers fought a courageous and strategically brilliant withdrawal from Kokoda towards Ower’s Corner. While trekking you will visit the villages of Kokoda, Alola, Efogi, Nauro and such historical sites as Brigade Hill and Isurava.



Safety on the Kokoda Track is of primary importance to EE and we have an extensive health and risk management plan on the Kokoda Track to prove this.

Our physical preparation programs are compulsory, as we consider your ability to complete the Kokoda Track to be our responsibility. We train, screen and prepare every single client who treks Kokoda with us. Our training follows a professional, proven, Pre Trek preparation program developed by our qualified staff. No client attempts to trek Kokoda with EE without having completed our eight week Brisbane based training program, or our 12 week remote training program (for those based interstate). It is a requirement that all trekkers have received medical clearance prior to the commencement of their training.

  • We have taken people from 12 to 76 years of age across the Track, and in 2003 successfully completed the first ever ‘Ladies Only‘ trek of Kokoda and the first ever ‘Over and Back‘ Kokoda expedition.
  • Once on the Kokoda Track we have a comprehensive rear link satellite communication system back to a dedicated Safety Officer in Australia to whom your families and businesses have 24 hour access. We have helicopters on stand-by (if ever needed) and all our staff carry detailed evacuation points of every helicopter landing site on the Track.
  • The medic on your trek will carry a comprehensive first aid kit which holds enough equipment and pharmaceuticals to manage any condition or injury that may occur.
  • All our staff, not just your doctor or medic, are Wilderness and Remote Area Medics. In addition, we recruit and hand select our personal local PNG porters from villages along the Kokoda Track who accompany us on our journey.
  • These relationships are further enhanced by our Kids of Kokoda Society. We have never experienced a cultural incident or had a bad security experience on the Kokoda Track.
  • We are the only company trekking Kokoda that has full Professional Indemnity, Public Liability (AU $20 Million) and Aircraft Charter Liability Insurance—from a major Australian Insurer—this insurance is provided based on our risk management processes and safety records. We are considered the benchmark in the industry for this Australian Insurer for our Risk Management.
  • EE is the only company trekking Kokoda that provides two professional Australian Trek Leaders on each and every trek (minimum 10 pax). One is a dedicated, highly experienced and qualified trek leader and the other is a doctor or remote area medic. Our EE medical team is regarded as the most experienced and qualified remote area medical team in Australia—without exception!



More Australians are choosing to trek Kokoda for many different reasons and it is important to remember that trekking in remote locations is inherently dangerous and a very serious undertaking —not something to be taken lightly. For this reason, we at EE take your consideration to trek Kokoda as importantly as you.

EE has an excellent record for leading people across the Kokoda Track. It is due to our thorough planning, experience, organisational skills and is further underpinned by our proven customised training and preparation methodology. Our staff train you, prepare you, provide everything you need to do the trek safely and comfortably and then, stay with you every step of the way!



We cater for individuals, corporate groups, families, elite sporting teams, anyone at all who is looking for the ultimate Kokoda experience.



Over 3,000 people have safely trekked Kokoda with EE.

From the sporting arena we have taken Allan Border, Mal Meninga, Vicki Wilson, Chris ‗Buddha‘ Handy, the entire Hawthorn Football Club playing and coaching staff (over 40 trekkers), and the Brisbane Lions Football Club playing and coaching staff (over 40 trekkers).

Within the political arena we have taken Federal Ministers Joe Hockey, Mal Brough and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

In 2006, David Koch and the Channel Seven Sunrise Team chose EE to lead their Kokoda trek, and between 2004–2006 we took over sixty Rotarians across the Track, with an average age of 60!

We have also taken a number of company groups including FKP Limited, Breville, Anglo Coal and Ingeus Group across the Kokoda Track, as well as large family and friends groups.

In 2007 and 2009 EE lead the annual White Ribbon Kokoda trek which has included Andrew O‘Keefe and young Australian of the Year, Jonty Bush.



Group sizes for EE treks of Kokoda are generally between 12 and 20 people. On our ANZAC Kokoda expedition each trek is no more than 20 trekkers, and is fully independent with its own Australian Trek Leader and Medic or Doctor. EE requires a minimum of twelve participants for an adventure to proceed and has the right to cancel any adventure/activity if this minimum group number is not attained. In this case any money paid to EE will be refunded in full.

EE will not be liable for any additional costs incurred.