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Looking for an opportunity to really test yourself? This is the place where you will find strength you never knew you had. A select number of participants will have the opportunity, for four days to test their strength, endurance and resolve and become part of G Force. The G Force mission is to provide you with a unique opportunity to test your mental and physical toughness by undertaking a Special Forces Selection experience, based on the Military Model. Normally one month in duration, the Special Forces Selection Course assesses and selects soldiers for service in Special Forces Command.

Selection allows the opportunity to assess each soldier’s capabilities by testing their physical, emotional, and mental stamina. All candidates participate in a variety of activities designed to place them under various forms of physical and mental stress. It assesses potential and qualifies through behavioural observation, analysis via performance measure, and recording data. All tasks are performed in a neutral environment with limited information and no performance feedback. Candidates become familiar with the phrase “do the best that you can.”

Successful completion of Selection allows you entry in to a very exclusive club, G Force. Only members of G Force will receive invitations to specially created adventures and activities, designed for women like you that want their experience to be at the next level.

Departure Dates

This is a three day activity.

Private group dates are available on application.


From G Force February 2013…


Having been involved in G Force from inception – An honour in itself.

I have had the privilege of meeting some very amazing woman who take on the challenges put before them with a positive ” We can do this” attitude whilst confronting their personal demons and maintaining a sense of humorA true G Force attitude.

G Force 2013 – OMG – the best yet! 10/10 on effort, mystery, adrenaline, laughter and mateship.

Also managed to wipe two items from my bucket list – one of which I never thought was possible – Thank You. Congratulations to Executive Excellence – you’ve done it again. G Force just gets better every year. Where to from here – the moon! I’m often asked “Why” do you do this and what’s involved in G Force – where’s the value in the $. My response is: Sacrifice, courage, endurance and mateship – all rolled into a mystery of you never know what’s around the corner and a bucket load of fun and laughter with some amazing people you can call on at any time – long term friends. Thanks to all of you – you know who you are 🙂



It’s amazing how far the mind can take you after the body says no more. Thank you EE and the G-Force Adventure for showing me how to dig deep and find that little bit extra.



Hmm…How do I rate G Force? EE did an awesome job on this one. Pretty sure we got it all on this – air, sea and land adventure!



G Force left me buzzing for days! Physically and mentally challenging with experiences that I would never have dreamed to have access to. Run with precision and the utmost priority on safety. I would definitely recommend this trip…just be fit enough to enjoy.


Price & Inclusions

Price on application – ex Brisbane *Flight upgrades and single supplement available.

Price will depend on numbers.

Your trek costs include:

  • all transport ex Brisbane
  • six week adventure fitness preparation program
  • full preparation kit and specialist equipment provided
  • personal travel insurance
  • all meals


The G Force itinerary is TOP SECRET!


4 – 6 weeks remote or supervised.

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