About The Kokoda Track

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The Kokoda Track is one of the great treks of the world. It is also a location that holds a very important place in Australia’s history. From July 1942, the route over the Owen Stanley Range witnessed the battle hardened Japanese war machine, encounter young, unprepared, untrained, unproven and hopelessly outnumbered Australian soldiers. On your Executive Excellence trek you will hear the stories of Kingsbury, Owen, Metson, McCallum, Potts, Honner, the Bissett brothers and many more. It was on the Kokoda track that the myth of Japanese invincibility was broken for the first time.

The Kokoda Track stretches 96 kilometres through what is arguably some of the most rugged and wild jungle in the world. It is a primal track, built over 200 years ago as a commuting route between villages before it became the scene of bitter fighting between Australian and Japanese soldiers. It is thought the Japanese aim was to secure Port Moresby as a forward mounting base for possible insertion into Australia. Today, battle localities are still evident throughout the jungle, marked by the weapon pits of the combatants.

The battle sites remain remarkably well preserved; it is as though the Australian soldiers who sheltered there had shouldered their packs and walked away only a day or two ago. Many relics of the war can still be found, a testament to the ferocity of the fighting. This is a track that you can feel proud to say you have completed; as a mark of respect to Australian wartime history, and of course, as a personal physical challenge.