Kokoda Track Preparation Courses


Since the concept of Executive Excellence we realised that the physical and psychological preparation of our clients will underpin all our adventures. We have been at the forefront of implementing preparation programs for Adventures.

With that in mind well over 14 years ago we developed two programs to meet our clients’ needs the Supervised (eight weeks) and Remote Training Programs (twelve weeks).

All our preparation courses are specific, proven and customised to suit the needs of the individual and group participants.

We have designed and implemented preparation courses to suit both supervised and remote training. This eventuated in an eight week supervised and twelve week remote training courses. We were the first company to implement this type of preparation regime. Subsequently, all our adventure treks have a specialised training course. Throughout the training we monitor your progress via in built measures within the program in addition to telephone discussions to ensure you remain on track to succeed.

The training courses have been designed by qualified and experienced professionals who have participated and conducted the adventures subsequently the preparation regime is very specific to the trek. These professionals have well over 30 years experience within the field of physical preparation. They have conducted and designed training for individuals and groups from novice to elite athletes.

We have successfully trained people from all over the world such as Hong Kong, London, United States, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few.


The Kokoda Track is regarded as one of the toughest walks in the world. It is therefore imperative you do prepare both physically and psychologically for your adventure. This is an area where Executive Excellence’s innovation and expertise is highly regarded as a leading authority thereby maximising your potential to succeed.

We view your personal physical preparation for the trek as our responsibility, no matter where you are in Australia or abroad.

Preparation courses are included in the price of trekking Kokoda with Executive Excellence. It is vitally important to remember that every EE adventure is a professional, proven product requiring physical preparation to successfully complete.

All physical conditioning is conducted by experienced experts in this area. During the training course, we consult with you to decide on the type and size of pack to carry, whether or not you need a personal porter and any other requirements for your physical preparation.


Our Brisbane based trekkers complete a compulsory eight week training program. It can be done as remote or as supervised (additional trainer cost for supervised) The training incorporates proven concepts and methodologies to ensure optimum levels of performance for both the individuals and the collective group. Training can be conducted both indoors and outdoors to obtain training specificity. Our Brisbane based training is three times per week or as advised in the lead up to your trek of Kokoda.


Trekkers based outside of Brisbane will complete our twelve week Remote Training Program by correspondence, fully supervised by our Operations Manager. It is a proven course utilising tried and tested training techniques along with innovative concepts which we have developed to suit the Kokoda Track. As part of our quality control process the course has been continuously validated and refined over the years.

In addition, from the very concept of EE we realised the importance of optimising and meeting all our sensory needs. Subsequently, we developed an educational Remote Training Video. The Video has been refined over the years and many clients of our find it an invaluable tool (that they can repeatedly go back to ) to their success in completing the track. The Video covers: innovative but practical training concepts, equipment, how to use equipment effectively and efficiently, specific exercises, weight load training needs, training assessments … to name a few.

The importance of your individual preparation cannot be emphasised enough. If followed as prescribed, the Remote Training Program will ensure you have an enjoyable and successful trek along the Kokoda Track.

Remote trekkers share the same expertise, experience and thorough preparation as our Brisbane trekkers, all fully supervised by our staff. Executive Excellence understands that you are a busy person and often your schedule will get in the way of your preparation. We empathise with you and have made a conscious effort to simplify your preparation.

We have taken people from 12 to 72 years of age across the Kokoda Track, many of whom would never have had the opportunity to trek Kokoda, let alone finish it safely and comfortably without Executive Excellence’s training.