“The EE guys were just unbelievable; I have never seen such a professional group of men in their jobs in my whole life. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week they are there, without them we would not have made it!”
Greg Turnbull, ANZAC Kokoda, 2003

“Your professionalism was first class, your care & concern was again of a high standard & your ‘Mateship’ was appreciated. You are two men who had all the skills and you are to be congratulated. You are experts at what you do and I wouldn’t have wanted to have trekked with anyone else. I had a great time achieving what I set out to do and with your help it was made easier”
Frank Caruana, EE Kokoda Rotary Trek, 2005

“I have nothing but praise for EE. The most professional organisation I have ever dealt with. A big pat on the back to all concerned.”
Ken Prowd, Managing Director, Cardboard Box Company

“EE are the consummate professionals. You’ll be professionally prepared and expertly guided so that you not only enjoy the adventure but gain knowledge and technique as well”
Tony McCarthy, Wilson HTM Limited

“It is difficult to find any fault with the Executive Excellence trek experience. The professionalism and attention to detail which was evident in every aspect of the arrangements and execution of the trek ensured a great experience. The name says it all – Excellent”
Stephen Goode, Principal, Stemar Holdings (WA) Pty Ltd

“As a psychologist interested in leadership, organisational development and the factors that build high performance, I was very impressed by the very high level of professionalism in organisation, team building and on-going leadership both in the preparation and throughout the trek itself. Congratulations EE”
Patrick Fleming, Principal, Patrick Fleming and Associates

“The team at EE made a highly anticipated trip that next step more enjoyable and memorable. Professionalism runs through the program, the actual adventure and finally the calibre of their staff.”
Adrian Lochland, National Channel Manager, Sugar Australia


“In the context of adventure trekking, I doubt there has ever been or will ever be a more thoroughly professional organisation than EE. In a wild and unforgiving environment like the Kokoda Track, there is no room for half measures and in all of the planning, preparation and training, no stone was left unturned by EE in its endeavour to ensure participant safety, preparedness and enjoyment”
Michael Gibson, Associate Director, Macquarie Bank Ltd

“Executive Excellence’s attention to the Pre- Trek training, diligence to health and safety during the trek and depth of experience meant that our group was well prepared and had an amazing experience”
Emma Anderson, CBA Kokoda 2010

“My Kokoda experience was ten times more that I ever imagined it would be. I would pay a million dollars a day just to do it all over again. Definitely a must for anyone and everyone”
Marina Ortolan,October Kokoda 2010

“The combination of professionalism, military knowledge & leadership is what makes EE stand out ahead of the rest. If you’re thinking of doing the Kokoda Track you’ll probably only do it once, so make sure you do it with the best. An experience of a lifetime!”
Melissa Brown, Kokoda 2012

“Highly professional. Well organised, well managed, well executed. Well done Executive Excellence”
Graeme McFadyen, Anzac Kokoda April 2012

“It is with the utmost pleasure that I recommend Executive Excellence as my guiding team through the Kokoda Track. The training provided and advices given to ensure my well being, in a difficult environment, meant I was able to take in my surrounding, and enjoy the experience.”
Anne Mitchell, Anzac Kokoda April 2012

“The Executive Excellence team provided my 21 year old son Nick with an adventure experience that exceeded our expectation which we will share for the best of our lives”
Anthony Avery, Anzac Kokoda April 2012

“The trip was one of the best experiences of my life, and more than met my expectations. From the first contact right through to the follow-up after the trip, Executive Excellence lived up to their name. Their attention to detail, passionate expert guiding, individual attention and regard for the mental and physical safety of everyone was second-to-none”
Ian Young, Anzac Kokoda April 2012


“An Amazing experience… The thorough explanations on how the Kokoda campaign unfolded allowed us to feel a real connection to the Kokoda track”
Bradley Jones, Anzac Kokoda 2011

“Above the high levels of professionalism that seem to run throughout the Executive Excellence operation, the Kokoda trek staff show a unique ability to combine a physical trial with an emotional enlivening. Thoroughly recommend Executive Excellence to all”
Shaun Petersen, Anzac Kokoda 2011

“Although I thought and knew a bit about Kokoda, The interpretation en route was remarkably detailed; always timely and sensitively presented; dramatically increasing my knowledge and empathy for the deeds of Australian soldiers in PNG”
Justin Francis, Anzac Kokoda 2011

“Doing the Kokoda Track with Executive Excellence was a very memorable experience for my husband, son and [me]. The attention by the leaders to details, safety and enjoyment of the group was faultless. The knowledgeable and sensitive interpretation of the war western added imperishably to the experience”
Nettie Harper, July Kokoda 2011

“Executive Excellence pre- training, together with superb professional support from Executive Excellence on the trek, enabled me at 67 with knee and lower back issues, to successfully complete the physical and mental challenge of Kokoda”
Peter Reid, July Kokoda 2011

“Executive Excellence professionalism, approach to training, in- country support and historical knowledge made my entire Kokoda experience incredibly rewarding”
Robyn Fennell, Kokoda October 2011

“The team at Executive Excellence have so much passion for what they do. I was fortunate to do the Kokoda track with them, the knowledge displayed plus the goodwill and charitable ventures that these guys impart in above and beyond anything I could have wished for… they’re good people”
Gary Podger,“Ashgrovian” August Kokoda 2011

“Executive Excellence provides highly professional and fun experience- the correct balance of physical, mental and emotional challenge- I would recommend it to anyone seeking the Kokoda experience”
Adam Sproute, Hawthorn Football Club Kokoda- November 2011

“My Kokoda journey with Executive Excellence far exceeded all my expectations. It was one of the toughest but most rewarding and enjoyable things I have ever done. Executive Excellence was thoroughly professional from training until we arrived home. Throughout the trek, preparation and safety were paramount. If my children ever do Kokoda, it would be with Executive Excellence and no one else.”
James Gadsden, Hawthorn Football Club Kokoda- November 2011

“I went on the trek thinking it was going to be about me and what I would get from the experience. However, the experience was so humbling I came away thinking more about all those who had gone before me and how I could contribute to their memory rather than dwelling on my own”
Malcolm Hales,Hawthorn Football Club Kokoda- November 2011

“Executive Excellence prepared and ran a mentally and physically challenging experience, which pushed every participant to their limit. Our objectives of teamwork under adversity, sacrifice, leadership and creating a team identity were achieved fully. The stories of the soldier’s bravery and sacrifices during the Kokoda battle were inspirational and fitted perfectly with what we were trying to achieve. Executive Excellence was totally professional in the preparation and execution of our camp. They were able to tie in each experience encountered with the challenges we face both in training and competition. Thanks to all the team at Executive Excellence for a great and rewarding experience”
Ivan Henjak, 2010 NRL Coach Brisbane Broncos

Kimberley Outback

“Kimberley outback was the fourth adventure I have been on. I am always impressed by the professionalism, dedication, patience and good humour displayed by the Executive Excellence crew. I can’t wait for the next one.”
Greg Ashmead, Kimberley Outback- August 2011

“The tour was conducted in a very professional manner; at all times the leaders had the common interest of the members in ensuring the enjoyment, comfort and security remained a priority”
Earl Carr, Gallipolli/Western Front 2011

Mt Kilimanjaro

“Without doubt, this is the best adventure tour I have ever participated in. Well organised, safety was paramount, excellent and experienced guides and tour leaders”
Colin Roden, Mt Kilimanjaro 2011

“Having done both Kokoda and Kilimanjaro with my wife we can strongly recommend Executive Excellence to anyone. Before making a decision on price alone compare insurance cover, medical emergency services and experienced staff, Executive Excellence was hands down, a comforting fact in remote trekking”
Terry and Jennifer Coote, Mt Kilimanjaro 2011

G Force

“What can I say, G Force was a great few days seeing what one’s really capable of. It was hard, bruising, mentally testing and I loved every minute of it. Thank you EE for another exceptional experience”
Jill Rigney, G Force March 2011

“G- force tested the sole, endurance and strength of self and others. Loved every minute and couldn’t think of a better way to spend time with like minded- women- forming everlasting/ long term friendships through sleep deprivation, tears and laughter. Well done to all at Executive Excellence for all your support and leadership for yet another great adventure”
Heather, Returning Participant,G Force March 2012

“G Force was awesome! I’m always up for a challenge, and G-Force was certainly that. Around every corner was a new surprise and challenge. We were tested mentally and physically, and the teamwork aspect was both essential and fun. Well organised as usual by Executive Excellence. Bring on another one!”
Jodie Tatterson, G Force March 2011

“Another amazing Executive Excellence experience! Always exhilarating! Planned and executed with precision by EE.”
Jodie Tatterson, Returning Participant, GForce March 2012

Telemark Norway

“The companionship certainly made the trip what it was. While we were a small group, the size underlined our respect of and relationship to each other. Everyone had something to bring to the trip. Everyone will have gained something from the trip. I have made more friends, and my regard for both of you is still of the highest order” (Thai Burma Railway Trek Mar 2008) – I can do no more than repeat those words about this trip. It was hard but it was fun. I learnt a lot about a famous event. I learnt a lot about the resolve of the Norwegian resistance, I learnt a lot about snow survival, I even learnt how to ski cross country, and walk with snow shoes. As you know I keep coming back to the EE treks because of the people, the training, and the safety. Once again you met my high standards (as I would have expected from you). I am proud to say that I was part of your inaugural Heroes of Telemark trek and for that I thank you both”
Mike Cunningham, Telemark Norway February 2011

Altitude Training

“I’ve safely returned from the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru. I didn’t use any Diamox or get a headache at all. So clearly the altitude training paid dividends”
Richard Turner 2012