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The E Force mission is to provide you with a unique opportunity to test your mental and physical toughness by undertaking a Special Forces Selection experience, based on the Military Model. Normally one month in duration, the Special Forces Selection Course assesses and selects soldiers for service in Special Forces Command.

Selection allows the opportunity to assess each soldier’s capabilities by testing their physical, emotional, and mental stamina. All candidates participate in a variety of activities designed to place them under various forms of physical and mental stress. It assesses potential and qualifies through behavioural observation, analysis via performance measure, and recording data. All tasks are performed in a neutral environment with limited information. Candidates become familiar with the phrase, “do the best that you can.” This activity will by physically and mentally tough. The aim is for participants to harness mental toughness and be able to call on this when they need it.

Mental Toughness is a phrase widely used in sport, business and life in general. There are several key attributes that a mentally tough person has:

  • Unshakeable self-belief
  • Insatiable desire to succeed
  • Ability to bounce back from set-backs
  • Accept anxiety, stress and pressure as inevitable
  • Remain focused on task despite external distractions
  • Push physical / emotional pain boundaries while maintaining technique / effort

Some people naturally have these attributes or some of them. For others they must work hard to develop them. Mental toughness is an attitude that can be trained. As part of this activity our elite sports psychologist is on call to introduce and debrief this concept with the teams to ensure they learn the skills required to harness and enhance their mental toughness skills throughout the activity and enhance these skills for use for the balance of the season.

Mental toughness training is important because the people who are naturally mentally tough are rare which means that if a team is to succeed its key players must learn how to become mentally tough.
They must be mentally tough so that they will believe in themselves and each other, be resilient in the face of whatever is thrown at them, remain focused under intense pressure and be able to push themselves further than they thought possible in order to achieve the result they want.

The activity program is designed to give participants mental skills that can be used in harsh conditions so that the result can be achieved. The training program helps to focus their energy and attention so that they achieve the result despite any obstacle in their path.

Mental toughness is truly developed by being placed in challenging situations and “coming out the other side”. The four-day camp designed and run by Executive Excellence is an example of the sort of experience people must go through if they are to become more mentally tough. The program outlined here is designed to give participants the mental skills they will need to use in order to get the most from the EE program. The skills they will take away are:

  • Resilience
  • Focus
  • Performing under intense pressure
  • Seeing challenges as opportunities
  • Effective communication to work as a unit

Departure Dates

This is a three day activity.

Private group dates are available on application.

Price & Inclusions

Price on application.

Price will depend on numbers.

Your trek costs include:

  • all transport ex Brisbane
  • six week adventure fitness preparation program
  • full preparation kit and specialist equipment provided
  • personal travel insurance
  • all meals


The E Force itinerary is TOP SECRET!

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